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ASG Law Office TestimonialsMy first words would be WOW, “I can’t believe we won”; thanks in part to Mr. Goldberg’s fantastic efforts. Ford kept giving us the run around for not quite a year regarding issues with our Ford Edge and with the help of ASG Law Offices they kept on top of things and Ford agreed to repurchase the SUV back plus gave us a nice check as well. You can’t go wrong by using ASG Law Offices, they did a fantastic job for us.

Mark M. 

My experience with my Lemon Law was one of amazement and exceeded my expectation.  I had never had the misfortune of needing this type of service however Mr. Goldberg was very informative and helpful in assisting me with the case.  From the very start of the communication with him, he shared the process and told me what he was going to do and throughout the case he kept in communication with us and updated every time information was available.  I have all the respect for Mr. Goldberg and consider him a friend.  He is a man of his word, you can trust that he will treat you as if you were his only customer; this is the kind of service and attention you will receive. I’m pleased to express my complete satisfaction in the handling of my Lemon Law Case, I would recommend Mr. Goldberg to anyone and consider him the “Best” in professional service, attention, honesty, and have recommended him to family, friends, and acquaintances.

Jesus F.

Attorney Aaron Goldberg has helped my family and I through some difficult times regarding our cars. He was always very clear and helped me understand my rights. He also went out of his way to make sure I was not confused about any part of the process in my lemon law claim. When I needed to reach him, he was always available and ready to answer any of my concerns. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Aaron Goldberg, if you want to have an attorney that actually cares about your case and is willing to push the limits to give you positive results.

Claudia P.

I just want to say that you have been one of the best things to happen to me since I have been in California, I have gone through many Lemon Law Attorney’s and they just want lots of money up front, and if you didn’t have the funds they would just push you aside and not give you the time of day, but when I met you, not only did you take my case, you stayed in touch with me, you answered all questions and concerns I had, and I have never experienced such an attorney as you.  When I called you replied quickly, I tell everyone about you and I wish you the best with your business and a wonderful life.

Elizabeth W.

I contacted Aaron Goldberg regarding vehicle problems to have the vehicle considered a Lemon.  Aaron worked the problem with the manufacturer and succeeded in getting excellent results.  He was very responsive to my needs and was always available and responded immediately to my requests.  His responses to my inputs were exceptional and without delay.

Richard M.

I was so frustrated about getting a Lemon SUV.  My husband loved the vehicle very much and had been hoping the problems were fixable each time when the battery died or the steering pump leaked.  No one believed we had had 10 visits to the dealership during a period of 30 months.  I finally found Aaron and got his help.  He was prompt, got the manufacturer to take the SUV back, and got us the highest compensation in less than 10 weeks.  I appreciate his service very much!

Jane M.

I found out about ASG Law Offices through the internet, I did not know anything about them. So in the beginning I was a little nervous about using them as my attorneys.  But Attorney Goldberg did all that he said he was going to do and more.  He kept me informed about my case, any questions that I had he would give me answers.  Whenever I called and left him a message he would return my calls.   He got me a great result!  If I ever needed a Lemon Law Attorney again I would use  him, and if I knew of someone who did I would tell them to call ASG Law Offices.

Thomas J.

My family, who doesn’t speak English, bought a brand new Nissan Versa that we were having problems with when it was only three month old. I had contacted ASG LAW OFFICES and attorney Aaron Goldberg. He was easy to reach, always returned phone calls in a timely matter, which to me was very important. He was patient with us while I had to contact my family, translate, and make a decision. I really felt that I had somebody working with me who cared. I would definitely refer my friends and will use this law firm myself if I have the need in the future.

Anna Y.

Aaron was quite helpful in resolving my Lemon Law issues with Mercedes Benz USA.  My new car had ignition problems and at times just wouldn’t start. Mercedes worked to solve the issues but they persisted.  After 6 no-starts, 41 days in the shop, 5 loaner Nissans and 3 trips in a tow truck I was through. I first attempted to do the right thing and called Mercedes Benz customer service…. wrong move!  Playing phone tag with the East Coast with my busy schedule just didn’t work.  Their follow through was awful.  Aaron was able to take control of the mess and I was able I to get my life back.  Six weeks later I was able to take my E550 Coupe back to Mercedes once and for all and received my pay out the following day.

Larry D.

My experience with ASG Law Offices was fantastic, they were very quick and efficient, Aaron worked hard to help me with my Lemon of a car and got what I felt was a very fair settlement.  I would highly recommend him!

Sandi W.

My wife and i wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the manner in which you represented our case against Honda.  I hope it makes you feel good to know that the work you put in for retrieving some of the money we lost, my wife and I donated a third to various charities and the remaining we needed to put towards our daughter’s college tuition.  Many people benefited from all your efforts, and I thought you should know, and be proud.  So… on those days that you might feel if it’s “all worth it”, you can reflect on this and be confident that you have made a difference in many people’s lives.  Again, pleasure to have known you, and thanks for your attention from my wife, daughter, and those who didn’t even know you helped as well.

Ricardo P.

I appreciate the hard work, patience and especially your willingness to spend time with me explaining the procedures of filing a lemon law case. I have and will continue to recommend you and your firm to anyone that has had the unfortunate experience of owning a lemon.  Thank you again for all that you did to help me through this trying time.

Mary S.

Attempting to file a lemon law claim can be a frustrating, overwhelming, and intimidating task.  Mr. Goldberg handled my claim in an efficient and effective manner, resulting in a fair settlement.  I would highly recommend Mr. Goldberg for your lemon law claim.

Chris E. 

I wish to express my appreciation in taking and handling my case during a very difficult personal and financial time for me. Your office and staff have proven to be very personable, spent a lot of time one on one, and I never felt like just a claim number. My experience with ASG Law Offices has been of upmost professional, courteous and as if I was family. To anyone working hard to have a nice vehicle only to turn into a mechanical nightmare, I would recommend never to handle these things on your own, as I tried to be a nice guy but it was a total waist a time. Car manufacturers just want to sell cars and they’re not interested in dealing with any problems even under warranty. Thank you ASG LAW OFFICES and to Mr. Goldberg for your kindness and patience during a very difficult time for my family and myself.  You’ll always be remembered as helping us during our time of need. Thank you!

Medrano Family

Last summer I endured a frustrating and costly problem with the manufacturer of my car.  Growing weary after running into a series of brick walls I decided to seek an attorney to help me resolve my dispute. I was fortunate to find the services of Aaron S. Goldberg, Esq.. Not only did the dispute end favorably on my behalf, Aaron handled my business with diplomacy and a friendly professional attitude. He kept me well-informed, set realistic expectations and gave me clear directions. He helped me resolve a difficult situation and I whole-heartedly recommend his services!

Elizabeth E.

My experience with my lemon law claim was made easy with the help of Aaron Goldberg. Aaron was extremely helpful and explained every step of the process to me. Having never been involved in a lawsuit of any kind, I was hesitant and unsure as to whether I should proceed. After speaking with Aaron I was confidant that he would do everything in his power to assist me in my claim. Aaron was able to effectively argue on my behalf and I was rewarded a nice sum of money! I really appreciated all his help.

Courtney D.